Fertilome Tree & Shrub Drench with Dormant Spray Oil Bundle



The Fertilome⁣ Tree & Shrub ‌Drench with Dormant Spray Oil Bundle is a ‌two-in-one solution for protecting and nourishing trees and⁢ shrubs. The bundle includes a systemic‌ insecticide for drenching ‍soil and a dormant spray⁢ oil for controlling pests during the​ dormant season, making it ideal for maintaining healthy and pest-free plants.

Key Features:

1. Contains two complementary products for tree and shrub care
2. Fertilome Tree‍ & Shrub Drench‌ provides systemic insect‌ control for up to 12 months
3. VPG Dormant Spray Oil offers insect‍ control ‍against various ‍pests
4. Easy to mix⁣ and apply around the base​ of trees and shrubs
5.‌ Can ‍be‍ mixed with other insecticides or ‍fungicides for enhanced protection


– Size: 1 gallon
– Application: Outdoor use on trees and‍ shrubs
– Protection: ‌Systemic and‌ contact ‍insect ‌control
– Target Pests: Aphids, ‌psyllids, scale, mites, leaf ​rollers, and more
– Usage: Apply in​ early morning or late afternoon


– Mix⁤ the liquid concentrate with water and pour around the base of trees and shrubs
– ​Apply the Dormant Spray Oil for additional insect control
– Can be used on fruit trees,⁤ shade trees, and ornamentals


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