Fir Tree Leather Gardening Gloves with Cowhide Suede Sleeves



The Fir Tree Leather ⁢Gardening Gloves⁤ with​ Cowhide Suede Sleeves are ‌durable and comfortable gloves designed‌ for gardening tasks. These gloves​ feature cowhide suede sleeves for added protection,⁣ while ⁣the leather material provides a strong and sturdy grip. Perfect⁣ for all your gardening needs.

Key Features:

1. ​Made of genuine goatskin ​leather ‍for maximum protection against thorns and pickers
2. Soft and supple natural ⁤leather for a comfortable grip
3. Long​ gauntlet sleeves made⁣ of cowhide suede ‍for arm​ protection up to the elbow
4. Washable gloves with care‍ instructions included
5. ⁣Packaged in reusable​ cloth storage​ bags, ⁤making them great gifts for gardeners
6. Backed by Fir Tree’s Satisfaction Guarantee


– Material: Goatskin leather and cowhide ​suede
– Size: One ‍size fits most
– Color: Brown
– Length: Long ⁣gauntlet sleeves up to⁣ the elbow
– Care: ‌Washable, care instructions included


– Ideal‍ for gardeners, landscapers, and ‌anyone working with plants or ⁤shrubs
– Protects against thorns, pickers, poison ivy, and insect bites
– Can be used for yard work, pruning, animal handling,​ and more


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