Flying Skull Nuke Em Insecticide & Fungicide, 2.5 Gallon



The “Flying Skull Nuke ​Em Insecticide & Fungicide, 2.5 Gallon” ​is a powerful pest control product that eliminates insects and fungal infections. It is safe to use on a wide variety⁢ of plants and ⁤contains ⁤all-natural ingredients. ⁤This product is designed for ⁣use in⁤ large gardens or commercial agriculture ​operations.

Key Features:

– ‍Effective against broad mites, russet ⁢mites, spider mites, leaf⁤ aphids, whitefly, and powdery mildew
– Uses food grade or organic listed ingredients
– Safe ⁣for skin contact
-⁢ Does not contain heavy oils or detergents
– Can be used throughout the grow cycle and after harvest
– ⁢Laboratory tested for purity


– Dimensions: 16 ⁣x 7 x 10 inches
– Weight: ⁤23.25 ⁢pounds
– Date ⁣First Available: July 7, ⁤2017


– Suitable for ‍hobby and commercial grows
– Targets various plant parasites ⁣and powdery mildew
– Can be used safely ​on‌ plants and produce
– Trusted ⁤by commercial‌ growers for quality and purity assurance


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