Fruit Tree Netting Cover – 2 Pack, 6.9 × 5.9ft Mesh with Drawstring

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The Fruit Tree Netting ⁤Cover – ⁣2⁤ Pack,‍ 6.9 × 5.9ft Mesh with Drawstring is a⁢ set of protective covers‌ designed‌ to prevent birds and pests from accessing your fruit trees. Made of durable mesh material with a drawstring⁣ closure, these covers ‍are easy to install and remove for hassle-free fruit protection.

Key ‌Features:

1. Set of 2 garden plant covers
2. Measures approximately 6.9 × 5.9ft
3. Crafted from ⁢high-density polyethylene with ultra-dense mesh
4. Drawstring design for easy use
5. Protects plants from animals and birds
6. Suitable for various plants like cherry ​trees, fig-trees, apple trees, orange trees, and tomatoes


– Material: High-density polyethylene
– Dimensions: ‌6.9 × 5.9ft
– Color: White
– ⁤Quantity: 2 covers


– ‌Ideal for covering small trees in the garden
– Provides protection against animals and birds
– Maintains essential moisture for plant growth
– Suitable for various types of plants like fruit trees and vegetables


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