Garden Bird Netting 3/4 in. Mesh – 14 ft x 100 ft – Black

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The⁢ Garden Bird Netting 3/4‌ in. Mesh is a black ‌netting measuring 14 ft x 100 ft. It is designed to protect fruits, vegetables, and plants from birds and other pests. The netting features a 3/4 inch mesh size, making it suitable for keeping birds out while allowing sunlight and moisture ⁣to pass through.

Key Features:

– Lightweight and durable‍ bird netting made from U.V. protected polypropylene
– Virtually invisible once installed
– Can be used for ‍berries, bushes, trees, gardens, and other areas where birds might nest
– ‌Available in three ‌different mesh sizes and a variety of‌ cuts
– Easy to handle and install


– Material: U.V. Protected polypropylene
– Mesh sizes: 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch
– Available in bulk sizes


– Protect plants and crops from birds
– Ideal for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, blueberry bushes,⁣ grape vines, eaves, barns,⁢ garages, balconies, sheds, and more
– Recommended to suspend over plants to prevent birds from reaching fruit through the netting


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