Garden Bird Netting with Fiberglass Hoops Frame Set



The⁤ Garden Bird⁤ Netting with Fiberglass⁣ Hoops Frame Set ​is⁣ a practical and durable solution for protecting plants and crops from birds. The set includes a sturdy⁢ mesh netting with fiberglass hoops for easy installation and support. ⁣The‍ lightweight design makes it easy to‍ move and adjust as ⁤needed.

Key Features:

1. Garden‍ mesh ‌netting kit with ⁤8Pcs garden hoops and 16Pcs ​clips
2. Multi-function plant hoops for support frames for various ‌covers
3. High-quality fiberglass garden hoops ⁢and thickened PE material netting
4. Durable bird netting for gardens, allows water and light to pass through
5. Can be cut into ⁣different sizes ⁢for customized protection
6.⁢ Suitable for ⁤use⁢ in gardens, orchards, pastures, and greenhouses

Technical Specifications:

– Size: 8x32FT garden netting
-⁢ Material: Fiberglass hoops and PE netting
– Includes: 8 garden‌ hoops, ‍16 clips
– Color: Green
– Weight: Lightweight⁣ and​ sturdy


– Protects vegetables, ⁣plants, fruit trees, ‍flowers, and more from insects, birds, and animals
-​ Provides cover for ⁤frost protection, greenhouse use, and rapid plant ‌growth
– Ideal for use in gardens, orchards, pastures, and greenhouses


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