Garden Netting for Birds and Squirrels, Pond Protection, Crop Plants, Poultry Barrier (2x6m)



The “Garden Netting for Birds and Squirrels, Pond Protection, Crop Plants, Poultry⁣ Barrier (2x6m)” is​ a versatile netting designed to ⁢protect gardens and crops from birds, squirrels, and other‍ pests. Made of durable materials, the netting ‌measures 2x6m and can be easily⁤ installed for use ⁤in various outdoor settings.

Technical Specifications:

– Material: Polyethylene
– Color: Green
– Mesh Diameter: ‌2cm (3/4″)
– Can be​ Cut: ⁣Yes

Key Features:

– Allows bees to pollinate.
– Can withstand strong ‌sunlight and is permeable.
– Can be folded and compacted for long term use.
– Perfect alternative to expensive plastic/metal ‍fencing.
– Keeps animals and birds out,‌ protecting ‌crops from⁢ pecking.
– Durable and reusable, withstands harsh⁤ weather conditions.
– Provides ⁤outdoor and indoor protection for plants and animals.


– Protects ​fruits, ⁣vegetables, plants, and‍ crops from ⁤birds and small animals.
-‍ Can be used as a⁢ garden fence, animal barrier, fruit tree‍ protection, ‌and more.
– Easy ⁣to cut ‌and install,​ can be customized for ⁣different needs.
– Soft and transparent, allows for‍ monitoring⁣ plant growth.
– Ideal for protecting orchards, ⁢gardens, and crops without ‌harming birds.


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