Garden Safe 32oz Insecticidal Soap & 24oz Fungicide3 2 Pack



The Garden Safe ‍32oz Insecticidal Soap‌ & 24oz Fungicide3 2 Pack ​includes two essential products‍ for plant care. The insecticidal soap effectively controls aphids, mites, and other ⁣insects while the⁢ fungicide prevents ⁤and controls​ various plant diseases. Both products⁤ are suitable for use on houseplants, vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees.

Key Features:

– Bundle includes 2 bottles of Insecticidal Soap Insect Killer and 2 bottles of Fungicide3
– Kills common soft-bodied insects‌ and controls fungal diseases
– Approved for organic​ gardening
– Can be ⁢applied up to the⁤ day⁢ of harvest
– Controls pests on a variety of ⁢plants including‌ roses, fruits, vegetables, and more


– Insecticidal Soap: 32-ounce bottles
– Fungicide3: 24-ounce bottles
– Kills insects through contact
– Prevents fungal diseases like black spot, rust, and powdery mildew
– Contains fatty acid salts for effective insect control


– Spray directly on pests for control
– Ensure full coverage of plant‌ tissues with Fungicide3
– Suitable for‍ indoor,‌ outdoor, and greenhouse use.


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