Garden Safe Fungicide 32 oz. Ready to Use



The Garden Safe Fungicide 32 oz. Ready to Use is a powerful solution designed to protect plants from fungal diseases. Formulated for easy application, this fungicide is ready to use and comes in a convenient 32 oz. size. Its active ingredient effectively controls and prevents various types of plant fungi.

Key Features:

– Acts as‍ a garden ‍fungicide, insecticide, and miticide
– Controls black spot, rust, and powdery mildew
– Kills aphids, whiteflies,​ spider mites, and other listed insect‌ pests
– Can ⁢be used on roses, flowers, houseplants, ​trees, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables
– ‍Can be used up​ to the day of harvest
– Ready-to-use spray‍ for ​complete coverage of plant‌ tissue


– Brand: Garden Safe
– Type: Ready-to-use spray
– ⁢Usage: Organic ‌gardening
– Application: Weekly to every 2⁢ weeks until‍ potential ​for disease is no longer present


– Designed for‌ organic gardening
– Suitable for use on a variety of plants and crops
– ​Controls fungal diseases and insect pests
– Can be​ used up to the day of harvest
– Apply weekly‍ to every 2 ⁣weeks for best results


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