German-made Liquid Fertilizer for Healthy Garden Hedges


the GREEN24 PROFI LINE liquid fertilizer is a high-quality, effective‌ solution for promoting plant growth and health, developed by experienced ‍gardeners and botanists.


The German-made Liquid Fertilizer for Healthy Garden Hedges ⁢is a​ premium plant nutrition ⁤solution designed to promote strong⁣ and ‍vibrant growth in garden hedges. With⁢ a ⁤balanced formula enriched with essential nutrients, this liquid fertilizer enhances plant health, supports root ⁤development, and improves overall hedge vitality.

Key Features:

– Professional liquid fertilizer for hedges, shrubs, trees, and more
– Optimal absorption of nutrients​ through roots ⁣or leaves
– Rapid availability⁣ for plants through effective​ compounds
– Matched nutrient combinations for over 100 ⁣plant species
– Concentrated and effective formula
– Easy to⁢ use with dosage cap and instructions included


– Manufacturer: GREEN24
– Country​ of Origin: Germany
– Content: 250 ml
– Date First Available: December 19, 2022


– Suitable for⁣ hedges, shrubs, trees, evergreen hedges, conifers, and broad-leaved trees
– Promotes healthy, green leaves, stable branches, strong bud formation, and balanced rooting
– Can be administered through roots or as a foliar fertilizer
– 250 ml of concentrate ‍makes 60-125 liters of ready-to-use liquid fertilizer


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