GonLei Garden Netting Kit for Raised Beds with Hoops

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The GonLei ⁣Garden‌ Netting Kit for Raised Beds‌ with Hoops is designed to protect​ your plants from pests and ⁣bad weather. The kit‍ includes a durable mesh netting that can be securely attached to the included hoops, providing ‍a⁤ protective barrier for your ⁢garden. The netting ⁣is ​easy⁣ to install and remove, ‍making it a convenient solution for gardeners.

Key⁣ Features:

– Garden ‍mesh netting kit⁣ with 10X25FT garden netting, ⁣6 garden ⁣rings,‍ 12 bent pipes, 12⁣ straight pipes, 18 connectors, 18 ⁢clips, and ⁣1 ​user⁢ manual
– ⁤Suitable‌ for pasture, orchard, and garden to protect vegetables, fruits, flowers, and crops
– Made of 0.04 inch mesh fabric with 60 mesh per inch fine mesh design
– Allows sunlight, air, and water to pass through while creating ⁤a protective barrier
– ⁢Easy to install with garden elbows, clips,​ and connectors
– Suitable for use in multiple seasons for long-term plant ⁢protection


– Netting⁣ Size: 10x25FT
– Material:‍ 0.04 inch ‍mesh fabric
-⁢ Functions: Plant‍ seedling⁢ barrier
– Permeable: Yes
– Allows Light To ⁤Pass⁢ Through: Yes


– Ideal for ‍protecting plants from foraging animals ⁣and pests
-⁤ Can be used in raised beds, gardens, orchards,​ and pastures
– Creates a safe and quiet space for plants to grow without interference
– Enhances gardening experience by providing long-term protection‌ for plants.


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