Goture Ice Fishing Jig Set with Soft Plastic Worm

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The Goture Ice ⁤Fishing Jig Set with Soft Plastic Worm is a convenient and versatile tool​ for ‍ice fishing. This set includes various jigs and soft‍ plastic worm⁤ baits to attract fish. The ⁤jigs are⁤ designed with sharp hooks for easy penetration and a lifelike fluttering action underwater.

Attributes Description
Goture Best Ice Fishing Jig Proven by most ice anglers, these ice jigs are the most​ effective ​on the market Buy them, always surprised
Great Value Fishing Jig Combo A combo pack that offers great​ value for ice fishing enthusiasts
Ice Fishing Rod and ‍Reel Essential equipment ‍for ice fishing, includes both the rod and reel
Ice Fishing Jigs Set A set of ice fishing‍ jigs, each with different shapes, ‌weights, and hook designs for different ‍fish species ‌
Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Another mention of the essential equipment ​needed⁣ for ice fishing
Product Material Ice fishing lure bodies are lead material. The ice fishing jig hooks are black nickel carbon ‌steel hooks. The set includes 12 pieces
Target Fishes Different types of jigs‌ designed for species such as bluegills, crappies, panfish, perch sunfish, walleyes, pike, and crappies



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