Gravex 20 EW Fungicide & Pramaxis MEC Growth Regulator

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Gravex 20EW Fungicide & Pramaxis MEC Growth Regulator is a dual-action product used to control‌ fungal ⁤diseases and regulate plant growth. The fungicide contains 20% active ingredients, while the growth regulator contains MEC technology for enhanced efficacy and plant ​health benefits.

Key Features:

– Gravex 20 EW provides systemic control for over 38 fungal diseases in ornamentals, ‍turfgrass, ⁣and residential fruit trees
– Contains myclobutanil, an active ‍ingredient that ‌cures and prevents plant diseases
– Works⁣ to ‍impede ‌the⁤ synthesis of ergosterol in fungus cell‌ wall development
-⁣ Pramaxis MEC promotes stress tolerance and⁣ manages growth⁤ of warm and cool‌ season turfgrasses
– Gravex 20 EW and‍ Pramaxis ⁣MEC⁣ deliver long-lasting ​disease control and growth management ‍benefits

Technical Specifications:

– Gravex⁣ 20 EW ⁣contains 19.7% myclobutanil
– Pramaxis MEC contains⁣ 11.3% ​trinexapac-ethyl
– ⁢Gravex 20 EW controls diseases such as‍ dollar spot, anthracnose, powdery mildew, and more
– Pramaxis MEC promotes below-ground root and rhizome ⁤growth for improved turfgrass quality


– Use Gravex 20 EW as part‍ of a ​preventative spray program for optimal disease control
– Apply Pramaxis MEC to improve ​stress tolerance and growth management in turfgrass
– Follow ​label instructions and use in conjunction with cultural practices for best results


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