Grey Shade Netting with Eyelets, Ropes, 90% Sunscreen, 1.5mx2m



The Grey Shade Netting ‍with Eyelets, Ropes, 90% ​Sunscreen, 1.5mx2m is‌ a versatile⁣ outdoor netting ideal⁢ for providing shade⁣ and UV protection. With sturdy eyelets ⁤and ropes for easy installation, it ‌offers 90% sunlight blockage in a compact 1.5m by 2m size to ‌suit various applications.

Key Features:

– Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE)
– Shading rate of 90%
– Lightweight and durable
– ‌UV​ stabilized ⁢to resist ⁣fading
-⁢ Resists tearing and ‍fraying
-​ Easy to clean
– Taped with ‌anti-rust ‌grommets
– Can be ‌used for various shade applications
– Can be customized for exclusive use
– Easy to anchor with various​ methods

Technical Specifications:

– Material: High density ⁤polyethylene (HDPE)
– Color: Grey
– Shading rate: 90%


– Create a comfortable shaded area for ‌you, your family, pets, plants, or garden
– Protect‍ privacy, provide windproofing, cooling, anti-storm, and moisturizing effects
– Suitable for greenhouses, plant cover, patio, porch, ⁢balcony, gazebo, kennel, rabbit enclosure, chicken ‍coop, pond, swimming⁣ pool, and playground
– Can serve ​as a privacy ⁢fence and windbreak screen.


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