GRFIT Weedless Treble Fishing Hooks – 10 pcs, High Carbon Steel



The GRFIT Weedless Treble Fishing Hooks are a set of 10 high carbon steel hooks designed to prevent snagging on weeds or debris. These hooks are durable, sharp,⁤ and provide ​excellent hooking ability for catching fish. Perfect for anglers looking to avoid getting their hooks caught on‌ obstacles in ​the water.

Key Features:

– High strength, tensile resistance, hardness, and wear resistance
– Excellent corrosion‌ resistance for⁤ freshwater ‌and ‌seawater fishing
– Unique hook design to improve fishing rates
– Available in sizes 1/0#, 2#, and ⁢4#
– Package includes 10 pcs of hooks
-⁣ Sharp and barbed for better fishing ‍results
– Comes in a durable⁣ box for⁣ easy carrying


– Material:⁤ High Carbon ⁢Steel
– Size: 1/0#, 2#, 4#
– Package: 10 pcs


– Ideal for fishing lovers
– Suitable for freshwater and seawater ‍fishing
– Keep away from children due​ to sharpness of hooks
– Check size before buying ‌to ensure‌ proper fit
-‍ Store in a safe place to avoid accidents


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