GS Plant Foods MaterAid Tomato Fertilizer (1 Gallon) – Superior Food for Growing Tomatoes



The GS⁤ Plant Foods MaterAid Tomato Fertilizer ⁤is a high-quality tomato fertilizer designed to promote​ superior growth and yields. This‌ 1-gallon bottle is formulated with essential nutrients for healthy tomato plants, boasting a balanced NPK ratio of 4-18-38 and natural ingredients to support strong root development and increased fruit production. Our MaterAid tomato fertilizer is made with ‍organic and/or all-natural components, reducing or eliminating runoff and promoting healthy soil and ‍waterways. Trust GS Plant Foods ​for all ⁣your plant care needs!

Attributes Description
Yucca Wet Allows for plants​ and soils to uptake and retains ⁤water and⁢ nutrients, penetrating deeper into the⁣ plant’s ‌root zone.
Available sizes 1 Gallon
Organic Liquid Kelp Natural seaweed extract fertilizer⁣ for plants,‌ stimulates natural⁣ root growth, mineral uptake,⁤ and overall plant growth and vigor.
Fresh Fish Liquid Fertilizer Provides excellent plant growth, rebuilds⁣ soil,⁣ and ‍offers⁣ higher production yields.
Great for use ⁣on Compacted soils,⁣ grass & lawns,​ plants, shrubs, roses, lawns & soil, flower blooms, ​soils, plants, lawns,⁢ flowers, vegetables & soil, vegetables, trees, lawns, shrubs, flowers, ‌seeds & plants.
ALL NATURAL TOMATO PLANT FOOD Concentrated growth product designed for tomato plants to produce large, juicy, and tasty tomatoes. Contains ​magnesium, calcium, and sulfur.


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