HAPPLiGNLY Anti-Fall Protection Net for Children, Outdoor Balcony Stair Net



The HAPPLiGNLY​ Anti-Fall Protection ⁣Net for Children is a safety net designed​ for outdoor balconies ⁣or staircases to prevent children from falling. Made of durable nylon material, it is lightweight, easy to install,⁣ and provides a secure ‌barrier to keep children safe.

Key Features:

1. Safety⁣ Protection for⁣ cats⁢ to ⁤prevent falling​ off balconies ‍or ‌windows
2. Anti-Fall Protective Net for‌ preventing objects from falling off windows or‌ balconies
3. Made ‍from premium polyester material, tear-resistant⁣ and weather-resistant
4. Multi-functional​ safety net for ⁣children ⁣and pets
5.‌ Easy to ‍install with durable⁢ zip tie accessories ⁢included


– Drop proof ​net diameter: 5cm/1.96in
– Rope ⁢thickness: 6mm/0.23in
– Multi-size options available


– Protecting cats, children, and pets​ from falling off balconies or windows
– Guarding​ plants and crops⁤ from birds, rabbits, and squirrels
– Preventing children from sticking body parts through⁣ banisters and toys ⁣falling downstairs

Additional Information:

– After-sale service⁣ available for any questions or issues
– Custom size requirements ⁢can ⁣be accommodated upon request
– Various sizes available with a margin‍ of difference of plus or⁢ minus 6%
– Color may ⁢vary slightly‍ due to ⁤different interpretations and⁣ lighting conditions


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