Heavy Duty Garden Bird Netting for Plant Protection



The⁤ Heavy Duty Garden ​Bird Netting for Plant Protection⁤ is a durable and strong netting designed to‍ keep birds and other pests away from your plants. Made of high-quality materials, this netting is 7 feet by 100 feet in size and is easy to install, providing long-lasting ​protection for your garden.

Key Features:

– Made of durable nylon material
– 2 cm (13/16″)‌ mesh size for maximum protection
– Cuttable for customization
– Easy installation and reusable
– UV-proof and resistant to tearing


– Material: Nylon
– Color: White
– Hole Size: 2 cm (13/16″)
– Can be Cut: Yes
– Can be Customized: Yes


– Ideal for protecting garden plants, fruits, and vegetables
– Keeps birds and⁤ small animals away from crops
– Can be used in ⁤gardens, orchards, and ⁣fences
– Improves air​ circulation and plant health


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