Hemp Rope Balcony Railing Protection Fence Garden Net


The ⁢hemp rope net offers a ​high-quality, ​versatile, and customizable safety solution for various applications.


The Hemp Rope Balcony Railing Protection Fence Garden Net is a durable and eco-friendly netting ⁣solution designed to protect balconies and gardens from pests ⁤and animals. Made of high-quality hemp rope, this net is easy to install and measures 1 ⁤meter in height and is available in various lengths to fit different railing widths.

Key‍ Features:

1. Made of high-strength jute rope ​for durability
2. ‌Available in various sizes for‍ different​ applications
3. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
4. Can be customized in terms of mesh size and color
5. Provides ⁢safety ‌for children, pets, and objects
6. Multifunctional and versatile for various uses

Technical Specifications:

– Safety net material: jute
– Protective mesh sizes: customizable
– Safety ⁣rope diameter: 10mm
– Rope⁢ color: jute ⁣(customizable)
– ​Mesh‍ spacing options: 15x15cm,⁣ 12x12cm, 10x10cm


– ⁤Ideal for stairs, balconies, lofts, windows,‍ gardens, climbing, swings, and more
– Can be used in ‌kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, amusement⁢ parks, ‌and other commercial spaces
-⁤ Suitable for photo walls, clothes⁤ hanging⁢ nets, decorative nets, plant protection ​nets,⁢ and more



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