Heritage G Fungicide 30 lb Bag – 6666273



The Heritage G Fungicide 30 lb⁤ Bag (6666273) is a powerful fungicide ⁢specifically designed to ‌protect crops from various fungal diseases. It contains the ⁤active ingredient Azoxystrobin, which⁢ provides long-lasting control⁣ and preventative action against a wide range of plant pathogens.​ This product is ideal for⁤ use in agricultural and horticultural settings.

Key Features:

– Systemic strobilurin fungicide in granular formulation
– Controls turf diseases for up to a 28-day​ window
– Features carrier DG-Lite ‍for minimal water ⁤requirements
– Controls diseases such as brown patch, ⁢red thread, Pythium, Anthracnose, and more
– Provides long-lasting broad-spectrum ‍control
– Perfect for operations where spraying is not possible
-‌ Highly water-soluble ⁣carrier for effectiveness of a ⁤sprayable with​ convenience of a granular


– Active ​Ingredient: Azoxystrobin ⁣0.31%
– Suitable⁣ for ⁤use on golf courses, lawns, landscape areas, parks, athletic fields, and more


– Ideal for controlling various turf diseases on ​a range ⁣of turf grasses
– Can be‍ used in residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial settings
– Provides top-notch disease control without the attributes ⁢of a liquid fungicide


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