Hestra Womens Kobalt Leather Work Gloves, Green, Size 7



The Hestra Women’s Kobalt Leather Work Gloves in Green, Size 7, are durable and comfortable gloves designed for various tasks. Made with premium grain cowhide leather,​ these gloves feature a keystone thumb for increased mobility, elastic wrist closure for ‌a secure fit, and ‍a streamlined design for optimal dexterity and grip.

Key Features:

– Uses: potting, planting, tool use, everyday‌ projects
– Material: Flexible Goatskin Leather palm with breathable spandex backhand
– Design: Elastic Wrist
– Brand: Hestra JOB
– Country of Origin: China


– Brand ‌Logo included
– Over 80 years of glove-making experience
– Superior durability, protection, and fit
– Available for ⁤purchase on Amazon


– Ideal for various tasks including⁣ potting, planting, tool use, ⁣and everyday projects
– Provides ⁢flexibility and ‌breathability for comfortable wear
– Designed for durability and protection against various conditions


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