Hi-Yield Dormant Spray 16 oz

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The Hi-Yield ⁣Dormant Spray 16 oz is a powerful insecticide and⁤ fungicide designed to protect trees and plants ​during their dormant season. This⁤ product contains 50% paraffinic oil for effective control of scale, mites,‍ aphids, and other insects,​ as well as fungal diseases like powdery mildew.

Key Features:

– Controls a wide range of insects including ​Scale, Mites, Fruit Tree‌ Rollers, and Whiteflies
– ‍Can be⁢ used ⁤on ornamentals,⁢ shrubs, fruit, and ​shade trees
– Compatible ⁣with other insecticides and fungicides (excluding those containing Sulfur)
– Should be applied in late afternoon or morning when temperatures are mild
– Application rates vary depending on plant type and size


– Product Type: Dormant Spray
– Application: Mix‍ with water and spray foliage thoroughly
– Usage:‌ Apply during the dormant season for fruit trees, prior to bud swell


– Mix 3​ tablespoons (1 1/2 fl. oz.) in 1 gallon of water for ornamentals
– Mix 6⁣ tablespoons (3 fl. oz.) in 1 gallon of water for fruit trees to control specific pests
– Apply in‌ late afternoon or early morning, avoiding midday spraying if temperatures are expected to exceed 90°F


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