HighTech NPK Liquid Fertilizer for Cacti (Made in Germany)


the GREEN24 PROFI LINE fertilizers offer ‌a professional solution for plant⁤ nutrition, with easy⁤ application and rapid ⁤effects.


The HighTech ‌NPK Liquid Fertilizer ​for Cacti, made in Germany, is a specialized ‍fertilizer designed to provide‌ essential nutrients to cacti ‌plants. With a high NPK ratio ‌(Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium), this liquid fertilizer ‍promotes healthy growth, vibrant blooms, and strong root development​ for cacti.

Key ⁣Features:

– Contains‌ high-quality raw materials and chelates for optimal ‌nutrient ‌absorption
-⁤ Developed by experienced⁤ gardeners and botanists in Germany/Austria
-⁢ Best solutions on the market for mineral NPK fertilizers
– Offers rapid availability and ​effective​ complex compounds
– Matched nutrient combinations for ‍over 100 plant species
– Concentrated fertilizers with easy dosage instructions
-​ Suitable for Epiphyllum, Disocactus, Hatiora, Lepismium, Rhipsalis, Selenicereus, Zygocactus,​ and more


– Content: 250 ml
– Manufacturer: GREEN24
– Country of Origin: Germany
– Date‌ First ​Available: December 27, 2022


-⁢ Suitable for healthy ‍and bright green​ leaves, stable branches, strong bud ⁣formation, balanced rooting,⁤ and beautiful ‌flowers
– Can ​be ‌administered via ​roots or as a foliar fertilizer
– 250 ml of concentrated‌ fertilizer is sufficient for 60-125 liters of ready-to-use liquid fertilizer


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