Humane Hexagon Anti-Bird Net | 32′ x 13′ | Durable Polyethylene | Protects Fruit Trees & Vegetables



The⁤ Humane Hexagon Anti-Bird ⁢Net is ‍a 32′ x 13′ durable polyethylene net designed to protect fruit trees and vegetables from birds. It ⁣features a hexagon shape for easy‍ installation, UV stabilization ⁤for durability, and a⁣ size​ suitable for‍ small to medium-sized‍ trees or‌ gardens.

Key Features:

1. Extensive coverage of 32 feet by 13 feet (9.75×3.96⁤ meters) for larger trees and garden areas
2.​ Humane protection with a hexagonal mesh structure to safeguard fruits against birds
3. Durable polyethylene plastic material for longevity
4. Aesthetically pleasing green color that blends with natural surroundings
5. Versatile usage for a variety of fruits like peaches, apples, and ​plums

Technical Specifications:

– Material: Polyethylene plastic
– Size: 32⁤ feet by 13 feet (9.75×3.96 meters)
– Color: Green


– ‍Ideal for protecting fruits in trees against birds and other animals
– Suitable for​ fruit tree owners looking to increase crop​ yield and maintain visually ​pleasing fruits at harvest time
– Available in smaller sizes to accommodate different garden needs


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