Humboldts Secret 20-20-20 Plant Food & 200W LED Grow Light

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The Humboldts Secret 20-20-20 Plant Food & 200W LED Grow Light is​ a ​complete plant ⁤nutrition solution, paired with a powerful LED grow light for ‌optimal growth ⁣and yields. The 200W LED⁢ light⁤ provides full spectrum lighting for all stages ⁣of ‌plant growth, while the 20-20-20 plant food promotes healthy development.

Key Features:

1. Humboldts Secret Everything Growing Plant Food⁢ 20-20-20
2. Balanced blend ​of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Kelp
3. Suitable‌ for indoor and outdoor⁤ plants
4. Supports plant growth and development at all stages
5. Packed with essential micronutrients
6. Humboldts Secret Clip​ On LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
7. Full spectrum grow ‍light with 204​ diodes
8. Mimics natural ‌sunlight ‌for optimal plant development
9. Energy-efficient⁢ design consuming only 25 watts
10. Flexible‌ gooseneck and⁣ strong clamp for easy⁢ installation
11. Timer function with customizable options
12. Daisy chain connectivity for⁢ maximum coverage


– Item Weight: 2 Pounds
– Date First Available: May 3, 2024


– Nourish plants from germination ​to harvest
– Suitable for a wide variety of plants including⁣ trees, lawns, flowers, herbs, and‌ vegetable gardens
– Provides a‍ balanced nutrient profile for ‍plants at every growth stage
– Enhances plant health, flowering,⁢ and overall development
– Easy installation and flexible placement⁣ options for indoor growing
– Customizable⁣ timer options for‍ optimal growth and energy ⁣efficiency


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