Humboldts Secret 32 oz Nutrient Fertilizer Kit with Kelp

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The⁣ Humboldts ⁢Secret 32 oz Nutrient Fertilizer Kit with Kelp is ‍a ⁣comprehensive plant nutrient formula that includes kelp extract ⁣for enhanced‍ growth and development. This kit is suitable⁣ for use in all stages of plant growth and contains essential nutrients for optimal health and yields.

Key Features:

1. Humboldts Secret Calcium, Magnesium, ⁤and Iron Supplement
2. The ⁣Everything⁤ Kit with ⁣specialized plant food for indoor and outdoor plants
3. Addresses common plant deficiencies and promotes robust growth
4. ‌Suitable for hydroponics, soil, and ‌container gardens
5. Versatile​ nutrient‌ solution for various grow mediums
6. Comprehensive plant⁣ solutions for all types, ⁢growth ‍stages, and settings
7. Powerful nutrient formulas for optimal‍ growth and yield


– Bundle includes Humboldts Secret CalMag & Iron ‍(32‌ oz) and Humboldts Secret Everything Kit
– The Everything Indoor 3-3-3 NPK and Everything Outdoor ‍5-5-5 ⁣NPK plant food⁣ formulas
– Balanced⁤ mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, kelp, and other macro ⁢and micronutrients


– Ideal for addressing deficiencies, supporting nutrient uptake, and ‍promoting healthy plant growth
– Suitable ⁤for indoor house plants, outdoor plants, fruit ‍trees, potted plants, and lawn fertilizer
– Enhances nutrient absorption, fortifies soil structure, regulates pH levels,⁢ and⁢ increases stress ⁣resistance


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