Hungdao 7 Pcs Fishing Tool Kit with Digital Scale



The Hungdao 7 Pcs Fishing Tool Kit with Digital Scale is a compact and versatile set ideal for all fishing enthusiasts. The digital scale ⁤has a capacity of 110lb/50kg with a high-precision ⁤sensor, ⁣while the kit includes pliers, scaler, gripper, and more for efficient fishing.

Key Features:

1. Fishing backpack, fish gripper, fishing weighing scale, fishing plier, lanyard, fish hook separator, ⁣and sheath included in the kit
2. Practical and convenient design with ‍disassemble features and front pockets for easy access ⁤to tools
3. ⁣Fish gripper and hook separator to protect hands⁢ from hooks
4. Fishing scale with‌ backlight display for easy reading day or⁤ night
5. Ideal for gifting to family and friends‍ who love fishing


1. Versatile kit that meets all your fishing needs
2. Easy to‌ use and convenient for storing ⁤tools
3. Provides​ safety for handling fish and hooks
4.⁣ Clear display for accurate weighing of fish
5. Thoughtful gift for fishing enthusiasts to show ‌care and improve relationships.


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