Ice Fishing Jigs Kit: 20pcs Rubber Skirt Lures, 4 Styles



The Ice Fishing Jigs Kit includes 20 rubber skirt lures in 4 different‍ styles, perfect for ice fishing. Each lure is equipped with a sharp, durable hook and a realistic jigging motion⁢ to attract fish in cold water conditions. The kit offers a variety ​of options to increase your ‍chances of‌ catching​ fish.

Key Features:

– Dancing Ice Fishing Lure with rubber skirt
– Quality materials: high quality lead and high carbon steel hooks
– Attractive and colorful ice fishing lures
– Various‍ target fish:⁤ smelt,⁢ bluegill, panfish,⁢ perch, sunfish, catfish, pike
– 20 pieces with 4 styles and 4 ⁤weights to choose from


– Weight options: 1/20oz(1.4g), 1/18oz(1.6g), 1/16oz(1.8g), 1/14oz(2.0g)


– Ideal for ice ⁢fishing
– Suitable for ‌both freshwater and ⁣saltwater fish
– Great for fishing⁣ lovers looking ‍for a rewarding fishing experience


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