Imisol Tree Injector Insecticide & Fungicide (Imicide, Fungisol)



The Imisol Tree Injector Insecticide &⁣ Fungicide ⁢is a dual-purpose⁣ solution designed ‍to ‌protect trees from insects and fungal diseases. It features a high-pressure injection system, compatible with various tree​ injector systems, and provides long-lasting protection with minimal environmental impact.

Key ​Features:

1. Combination insect and disease microinjection tree care treatment
2. Contains Mauget’s Fungisol Fungicide and Imicide Insecticide
3. Controls⁣ over 30 tree disease ‌pathogens and 37+ damaging insects
4. Registered on over 31 ‍tree ⁢species
5. University and field tested
6. Completely enclosed, minimal risk application method


– Manufacturer: Mauget
-‌ Product: Imisol
– Formulation: Micro-injection
– Application: Tree care treatment
– Usage:⁢ Control diseases and insects⁤ in trees
-‍ Labeled for a broad spectrum ⁢of insects and ⁣diseases


– Apply‌ Imisol⁤ to trees to control diseases and insects with‌ one⁣ simple application
– Save time and expense with this exclusive⁤ formulation from Mauget
– Prevent tree decline caused by a complex of pests
– Provides long-lasting control and suppression of pests⁣ and diseases.


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