Indoor Plant Potting Soil – House & Tropical Plants – 1 Quart



The Indoor Plant Potting Soil for House &⁤ Tropical Plants is a premium blend specifically formulated⁤ for indoor⁤ plants, providing optimal drainage, aeration, and nutrient retention. This ‍1 quart bag of soil is lightweight, sterile, and pH balanced, ensuring healthier and happier plants.

Key Features:

– Organic potting soil blend
– Contains peat⁤ moss, perlite, worm castings, and lime
– Suitable for houseplants and tropical ‍plants
– Provides excellent drainage and nutrient retention
– ⁣Hand-blended with no added fertilizers
-⁣ 100% natural ingredients


-‍ Ingredients:​ Peat moss, perlite, worm castings, lime
– Compatible Plants: Snake Plant, ​Peace Lily, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Birds of ⁣paradise, Dumbcane, Monstera, and more


– Ideal for⁤ re-potting houseplants and tropical⁢ plants
– Promotes healthy‌ growth and development
– ⁤Check specific plant ​requirements for best results


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