Jobe’s Fruit Tree Fertilizer Spikes, 160 Count, 38lbs

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Jobe’s Fruit Tree Fertilizer Spikes are‌ a convenient and easy ‍way to feed fruit trees. ​This⁣ pack contains 160‌ spikes, weighing 38 lbs in total. Each spike is‍ pre-measured ​with nutrients to promote​ healthy growth and abundant fruit production. Simply insert into the soil and let ⁣them do the work.

Key Features:

– Jobe’s Fruit & Citrus Tree Fertilizer Spikes
– Specially formulated for fruit, citrus, and nut trees
– Continuous supply of nutrients to roots all season
– No mixing, measuring, or ‌mess required
– Easy to use and insert ⁢around tree’s dripline
– Slow-release formula for continuous feeding


– Product 1: 160 count, 38lbs, brown
– Product 2: 15 spikes, 12 ounces, ⁣brown
– Active Ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, ⁤Calcium, Magnesium, ‌Sulfur
– Manufacturer: Jobe’s


– Ideal for fruit, citrus, and ‍nut trees
– Apply in early spring ‍and late fall for best results
– Provides continuous, time-release fertilizer for enhanced tree growth and fruit production


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