Jobe’s & Green Pig Compost Accelerators Bundle (4 lbs)



The Jobe’s ⁤& Green Pig Compost Accelerators Bundle (4 lbs) includes two types‍ of accelerators to⁢ speed up the composting process. Jobe’s accelerates decomposition with beneficial microorganisms, while⁣ Green Pig provides nitrogen to⁢ balance carbon-rich material. This bundle is designed for faster, more efficient composting.

Key⁢ Features:

1. Jobe’s Organics 09926 Fast⁤ Acting Fertilizer⁣ Compost Starter, 4 Pound
2. GREEN PIG Compost Accelerator⁢ Converts ⁣Yard Waste⁣ to‌ Fertile Humus in 30 Days
3. Contains‌ beneficial bacteria cultures‌ to accelerate ‍composting process
4. Helps‌ control odors associated with compost piles
5. Jobe’s formula contains Biozome microorganisms for faster results
6. Converts yard waste to fertile ⁤humus⁣ in 30 days
7. Easy to ​use with water-soluble packets
8. Made in the​ USA
9. OMRI listed for organic gardening by USDA


– Size: 4 lbs
– Analysis: 4-4-2
– Application‌ Rate: 2 cups per cubic yard of organic waste
– ⁢Coverage: ‌9 cubic⁢ ft of compost per packet
– Made in ‌the USA


– Sprinkle Jobe’s Organics⁤ Compost Starter⁤ liberally‍ over organic ⁤waste and turn compost
– Wet⁢ pile, drop GREEN‌ PIG packet in water, pour ​over pile,⁢ and keep moist
– Re-apply weekly ​for best ‍results


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