KastKing ReKon Saltwater Spinning Reel – 55LBs Max Drag



The KastKing ReKon‌ Saltwater Spinning Reel is a durable fishing reel⁤ with a maximum drag of 55LBs. It features a corrosion-resistant‌ graphite frame, stainless⁢ steel components, 10+1 shielded stainless steel bearings, ‍smooth drag system, and‍ a CNC aluminum⁢ spool. Perfect for saltwater fishing.

Key Features:

1.​ Unrivaled ⁢drag power with carbon ‌fiber drag system
2. NyliTech body construction for ‍resilience and power
3. Built for saltwater with water resistant protection
4. Tough and premium components for challenging conditions
5. Smooth, ​powerful, ​and fast retrieve ⁤with stainless steel⁤ ball bearings


– Drag Power: 30lbs (2500/3000/4000), 40lbs⁤ (5000/6000), 55lbs‌ (8000)
– ‌Gear Ratios: 6.2:1​ (2500/3000/4000), 5.7:1 (5000/6000), 5.2:1 (8000)
– ‍Material: Carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel
– Bearing Type: Stainless steel ball⁢ bearings, ‌polymer roller ⁢bearing, one-way bearing


-⁢ Ideal for saltwater fishing ‍in⁤ challenging conditions
– Provides smooth and powerful⁢ retrieves
– Offers versatility‌ with different drag capabilities and gear ratios


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