Katyayani NPK 00 00 50 Fertilizer for Home & Garden


Katyayani NPK 00:00:50 is ‌a versatile and effective plant food that​ provides essential nutrients for healthy plant growth, whether for domestic⁣ or agricultural use.


The Katyayani NPK 00 00 50 Fertilizer is a high-quality fertilizer specially designed for home ⁢and garden use. With a Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium ratio of 00-00-50, this product is ideal for promoting healthy plant growth and vibrant blooms.
on it will be 60-75gm / 15L water, For ⁣All Oilseeds it will be 45-60gm / 15L water, For All Cereals‍ it‌ will be​ 30-45gm / ⁤15L water. Apply at 15 days interval in all crops.

Key Features:

– Katyayani NPK 00:00:50 plant food
– 100% water-soluble⁤ and safe for all plants
– Starts working instantly
– Supplies required macronutrients (N,​ P, K) in optimum doses
– Acidic in nature to​ help maintain soil pH near root zone
– Effective for home plants, flowery plants,⁤ fruits, and vegetables
– Internationally accepted formula for fast plant​ growth
-⁢ Recommendations for foliar spray ​application


– NPK ratio: 00-00-50
– Available in fine crystalline ‌powder form
– Domestic use: 1 teaspoon for small plants, 2 teaspoons for large plants
– Agriculture use: 600-800 gm per acre for drip application, 1-1.5 kg per acre for foliar​ application
– Manufacturer: Katyayani Organics
– Country of Origin: India


– ‍Dissolves speedily and completely in water‍ to form a spray⁢ solution
– Use as directed for best results
– Suitable for various types of crops including fruits, vegetables, pulses, cotton, soybeans, and floriculture


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