Katyayani NPK 13:00:45 Water Soluble Fertilizer (Pack of 2)



The ‍Katyayani NPK 13:00:45 Water Soluble Fertilizer is ‍a pack of 2 that contains a balanced blend of ⁤nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for optimal plant growth. It is water-soluble, making it easy to apply and quickly ‌absorbed by plants. Perfect for promoting healthy ​foliage, flowers, and fruit development.
soluble and easy to use. Suitable for all types ⁣of crops,​ fruits, and vegetables. Can be used in ‌both domestic and agricultural settings. ⁢Made‌ with ​high-quality ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness.​

this plant growth promoter is a great ​solution⁣ for improving the​ health and⁤ yield of ‍your ⁢plants. Whether you are a home ⁣gardener or a commercial farmer, this product can help you ​achieve better results.Key Features:
– 100% water-soluble, ⁢all-purpose plant⁢ food
– Safe for ⁣all plants, guaranteed not to burn when used as directed
– ⁤Starts working‍ instantly
– Enhances soil structure and increases production efficiency
– Increases plant growth, yield, and quality
– Improves germination capacity and root development
– Protects⁢ beneficial bacteria and elements from UV damage
-⁢ Increases fruit weight and shape for exportable quality
– Suitable for ⁤vegetable ‍plants, ⁢flower plants, fruit plants, ​and ‌buds
– 100% water soluble with all nutrients available in ready form

– Domestic use: 1 ⁢teaspoon for small plants, 2 teaspoons for large plants
– ⁣Agriculture use (drip‌ application): 700-800 gm⁢ per acre
– Agriculture use (drip application): 400-500 gm per acre
– Product​ dimensions: ⁤11.42 x 5.12 x ⁤5.12 inches; ⁢1.04 ​pounds
– Manufacturer: ⁢Katyayani Organics
– ​Country⁣ of Origin: India

– Mix ⁢4-5 ​grams‌ per liter of water for optimum growth
– ⁤Apply ⁣recommended doses for domestic and agriculture use
– Use for vegetable, flower, and fruit ⁣plants to ⁤maximize flowering and fruiting

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