Katyayani NPK 20 20 20 + Seaweed Combo Fertilizer


Katyayani NPK 20‌ 20 20 Fertilizer is a versatile and effective product ⁤that provides ⁤essential nutrients for plant growth, enhances flowering and ⁢fruit production, and​ promotes overall plant​ health. It is easy to use,​ cost-effective, and suitable for various types of gardening applications.


The Katyayani NPK 20 20 20 + Seaweed Combo Fertilizer is a premium quality plant⁤ food⁣ blend ⁤that ⁣provides a balanced ⁢mix ⁤of essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.⁣ This fertilizer contains high levels of nitrogen,⁢ phosphorus, and​ potassium, along with seaweed extract for improved nutrient uptake and overall plant health.

Key Features:

1. Katyayani NPK 20 ​20 20 Fertilizer‍ with micronutrients⁢ and organic ‍humic acid
2. Concentrated macronutrients ⁣at a 20:20:20 ratio​ for plant growth
3. Humic acid promotes root ​density⁤ and overall plant growth
4. Mix micronutrient-super includes essential micronutrients for plants
5. Cost-effective and economical product
6. Increases growth and improves seed‌ germination
7. Water-soluble and suitable for house⁤ gardens, nurseries, and‍ hydroponics
8. Contains equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium
9. Easy ‌to use with detailed dosage instructions


– Item‌ Weight: 1.76 Pounds
– Model⁢ Number: Comb-npksea
– Manufacturer: Katyayani Organics
– Country of Origin: India


– Suitable for commercial and home gardening
– Works on all types of plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers
– Can be used for‌ up to 6‍ months with regular usage


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