Liquid Copper Fungicide, 32oz Quart



The Liquid ⁣Copper Fungicide, 32oz Quart is a powerful solution designed to protect plants from fungal ‌diseases. With a concentrated formula, it provides long-lasting protection and prevents the spread of diseases. It is suitable for a variety of plants and ⁣can be easily applied‍ using a sprayer.

Key Features:

– Contains 27.15% Copper diammonia diacetate complex
– ​Controls bacterial and fungal leaf spots, rust, blights
– Controls algae in turfgrass⁢ and moss in live⁤ oaks
– Suitable ‌for use⁣ on fruits, vegetables, turfgrass, live oak, and ornamentals
– Can be used ‌with hose end⁣ sprayers
– Labeled for control of moss and ⁢algae


– 8% Metallic Copper Equivalent
– 0.772 lbs per gallon


– Use between 2 to 6 tsp. per gallon for most ‍ornamentals and vegetables
– Effective in controlling diseases caused by bacteria and fungi
– Suitable for use in a⁣ manual power source



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