Lost Coast Plant Therapy Wash 12 OZ



The Lost‍ Coast Plant Therapy Wash 12 OZ is a gentle, all-natural ‍plant-based cleanser for your plants. ⁤This product is ‌free of harmful⁣ chemicals and ⁢is designed‍ to effectively clean and ‌revive⁢ your plants. With a ‌12 oz capacity,⁣ it is suitable for use‍ on⁢ a wide variety of plants.

Key Features:

– Designed to ⁤suffocate and dehydrate insects on contact
– Can be⁢ used on a variety of plants without damaging them
– ‌Laboratory tested to leave no⁤ residue
– ‍Safe for soil, food, ​ornamental plants, pets, and people
– Can be used on the day of harvest


– ⁢Case of 16
– Active ‍ingredients disrupt respiration and digestion of insects
– ​Penetrates to dehydrate⁤ the ⁣entire insect body
– Does not ⁤stress the plant


– Thoroughly saturate infested plants for ‍best results
– Can eliminate many insects and diseases ⁤with one application
– Repeat applications may be needed for some pests
– Apply under proper lighting ​and⁢ low heat conditions


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