Luengo Paddlefish Snagging Treble Fishing Hook


The Luengo high carbon steel treble fishing hooks are durable,⁣ sharp, and suitable for various‌ fishing conditions. They are‍ a great choice for anglers looking ⁤for reliable and effective ⁤fishing hooks.


The Luengo Paddlefish Snagging Treble Fishing​ Hook is a durable and reliable hook designed for snagging paddlefish. It features a strong treble hook with a‌ sharp barb, a sturdy wire construction, ⁣and a corrosion-resistant finish. The hook is designed to effectively catch ​and ⁢hold onto fish without causing harm.

Key Features:

1. High carbon steel construction with knife edge point and shortened barb
2. Threestage computer-controlled tempering process for strength and durability
3. Rust-resistance in saltwater for 2500​ hours
4.‍ Developed ‍by Luengo for high-quality fishing hooks
5. Suitable for sea fishing and various fish species
6. Sharp treble hooks for secure ‌fishing
7. Great ​for beginners and experienced anglers


– Material: High carbon steel
– Design: 3 curved hooks with sharp tips
– Application: Suitable for freshwater and ‌saltwater fishing
– Size: Large treble hooks ​for ​big ‌fish
– Convenient for replacing old hooks and making custom lures


– Ideal for catching Trout, Bass, Herring, Mullet,‌ Eel,‍ Mandarin‍ fish, and ‍more
– Ensures fish stay securely hooked ⁢and prevents escape
– Easy ​to use for​ beginners and experienced anglers alike



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