Luminous Quadruple Fishing Hooks for Catfish and Bass Fishing



The Luminous Quadruple Fishing Hooks ⁤are designed for catfish and bass fishing. The hooks are made of high-quality materials, featuring a glow-in-the-dark design for‍ increased ⁢visibility in low-light conditions. Each ​hook is equipped with four barbs for ​a secure hold on fish, ⁢making it a reliable⁣ choice ⁤for avid anglers.

Key Features:

– ‌Luminous four claw ⁤fishing hook
– Made of‌ high carbon steel material
– High⁤ strength and toughness
– Incisive hook‍ tip
– Luminous hook for enhanced visibility
– Barbless hook tip​ for quick piercing
-‌ Four hook⁤ design for‍ increased catch rate
– Suitable ⁣for freshwater and saltwater fishing


– Item Type: Luminous⁢ Four ‍Claw Fishing Hook
– Product Material: ⁤High Carbon​ Steel
– Color: As‍ Pictures Shown
– Weight: Approx. 22g / 0.8oz

Package‍ Includes:
– ​5 x Fish Hook


– Ideal ‍for​ catching white fish, silver carp, grass carp, catfish, and more
– Suitable for freshwater ‌and saltwater fishing
– Perfect for fishing big fish with its strong penetrating power and special barb hooks.


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