Mancozeb Zinc Fungicide 16 oz Concentrate for Plant Disease



The Mancozeb ⁢Zinc Fungicide 16​ oz Concentrate is⁢ a powerful solution for controlling plant⁢ diseases caused by fungi. With⁤ a 16 oz concentrate, this‌ product is designed to mix easily with ⁤water​ for easy application. Its active ingredient, mancozeb and ​zinc, provide effective protection against a wide range of fungal diseases.

Key Features:

– Protects home garden from fungal diseases ⁢including ​early⁤ and late blight
– Contains Zinc, an ⁣essential nutrient for healthy vegetation
-‍ Broad-spectrum ‌fungicide for fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals
– Ready-to-mix concentrated ‌solution
– Can be used as a preventative treatment for disease⁢ control

Technical Specifications:

– Brand: Bonide
– Active Ingredient:​ Zinc
– Usage: Apply as a liquid spray ⁣using a⁤ tank sprayer
-⁢ Application: Shake well and mix according to package directions
– Targets: Blight, anthracnose, leaf spot, rust, mildew, and more


– Apply regularly ‍as a preventative treatment for optimal disease control
– Suitable for vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamentals, and flowers in the home ‍garden



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