Marrone Regalia CG-128oz, Clear

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The Marrone ​Regalia CG-128oz is a clear, ‍biopesticide product that ‍effectively controls a wide range of ⁢plant diseases. With an​ active ingredient ⁤derived from the extract of ⁢Giant Knotweed, this product is safe ‍for use on various crops and features fast-acting‌ protection ‌against pathogens.

Key Features:

1. Protection against a broad spectrum of foliar and‍ soil-borne fungal and bacterial diseases
2. Improves overall plant‌ health, root development, and increases plant vigor
3. ⁤4-hour REI, minimal PPE requirements, ​0-day PHI, MRL tolerance exemption, OMRI Listed
4. Provides maximum operational flexibility, approved for field and greenhouse applications
5. Easy-to-use liquid formulation, no spray ‍buffer ​required


– Suitable for a wide variety of crops ‌including strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, cucurbits, leafy greens, onions, potatoes, stone fruit, pome‍ fruit, and more
– Can be applied by ground, ⁣air, plant root dip, ​in-furrow, or chemigation


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