Medicap Acecap AC12X5 Insecticide Tree Implant, Pack of 5



The⁤ Medicap⁤ Acecap AC12X5 is ‍a pack of 5 ⁤insecticide tree implants designed to protect trees from insect ⁤infestations. Each implant contains 98.9% Acephate as the active ingredient, ⁤slowly releasing the insecticide into the tree’s vascular system over a 1-2 year‍ period, providing long-lasting protection.

Key Features:

– Systemic insecticide implants for control‌ of destructive pests ​of ornamental trees
– Provides season-long control of many insects
– Easy to install⁤ around tree trunk‌ base at 4″ intervals
– Sap flow dissolves the chemical and carries it throughout the tree ⁢in 4 ‌to ‍5 days
– Treats⁣ up to a 7″ trunk diameter with five implants
– Contains 99% acephate for broad spectrum⁢ insect control
– Registered for use against various insects
– 10 implants​ per pack
– 3/8-inch⁣ diameter implant


– Active⁤ Ingredient: Acephate
– Pack Size:‍ 5 Pack, 12⁤ implants ⁢each
– Diameter: 3/8 ⁣inch
– Effective for up⁢ to a 7″ ‍trunk diameter with 5 implants


– Apply in⁢ spring for​ season-long control ‍of pests
– Install around tree ⁤trunk base at 4″ ‍intervals using‌ a drill, hammer, and flat end punch
– Check and replace implants as needed for continued ‌pest control


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