Men’s ReliefGrip Premium Leather Gardening Gloves (Large)



The Men’s ReliefGrip ‍Premium Leather Gardening Gloves in large size are ⁤high-quality and durable gloves designed ⁣for comfort ⁤and⁢ protection ‌during gardening⁢ tasks. Made with premium leather, they feature reinforced fingertips, adjustable wrist closure, and padded palm for ⁣extra grip ‍and support. Ideal for heavy-duty gardening ​work.

Key Features:

1.⁣ Made with goatskin⁢ leather and silicone fingertips for durability and protection.
2. Strategically positioned pads for‍ a comfortable ‌and secure grip.
3. Terrycloth mini-towels keep hands cool and dry.
4. Form-fitting LightPrene⁣ wrist closure for support⁣ and dirt protection.
5. Silicone‍ coated ​fingertips for superior grip ⁣and⁣ durability.
6. ⁤Machine washable for easy cleaning.


– Material: Goatskin leather and silicone
– Size:‌ Runs small, recommended to⁤ size up
– Color: Brown
– Imported


-⁤ Perfect for ‌gardening, yard work, and outdoor projects.
– Ideal for those⁣ with arthritis or hand sensitivities.
– Provides⁤ support and protection while using power tools and ⁢equipment.


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