Monterey Disease Control – Organic Fungicide & Bactericide – 1 Pint



The Monterey Disease Control⁤ Organic Fungicide & Bactericide is a 1 pint solution designed to control common plant diseases caused by ‍fungi and bacteria. This product is formulated using organic ingredients, safe for use⁣ on a wide range of plants, and can be applied through foliar spray or using a⁤ watering can.

Key Features:

– Organic disease control for⁢ plants
-‌ Prevents and ‌stops powdery mildews, rust, leaf⁤ blight, brown rot, and other diseases
-‍ Colonizes root hairs to prevent establishment of disease-causing fungi⁤ and bacteria
– Easy to ‌use, can be applied as⁢ a spray or drench
– ‍OMRI Listed for Organic Gardening
– Can be used on vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamental trees, shrubs, and houseplants


– ‌Mix⁣ with water and​ apply‍ as a‌ spray‌ to fruit‍ and foliage, or as a drench to plant roots
– Read label for specific mix​ rate information
– ‌Suitable for organic gardening and a variety of​ plants


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