Monterey Foli-Cal Liquid Calcium 1 Gallon Concentrate

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The Monterey Foli-Cal⁢ Liquid Calcium is a concentrated calcium supplement⁣ for plants, provided in a 1-gallon container. It ⁣helps strengthen cell walls, improve nutrient uptake, and prevent diseases ‌caused by calcium deficiency. The product is easy to mix and apply, suitable for all types of plants.

Key Features:

– ⁢Liquid formulation of calcium for preventing and treating plant physiological disorders associated with calcium deficiency
– Helps prevent tomato blossom end rot
– Correction of calcium deficiency on tomatoes, peppers, apples, and other crops
– ⁣Prevents and treats various plant disorders such as Bitter Pit of apples, Blossom End-rot of tomatoes, peppers and melons, etc.
– Foliar application for direct nutrient⁣ supply to foliage, roots, and fruit of crops
– ‌Manufacturer: Monterey


– Package Dimensions: 11.46 x 7.17 x 4.45⁤ inches;⁣ 11.67 Pounds
– Date First Available: November 1, 2023


– Apply at the 10-12 ⁢true leaf stage, then at 14-day⁢ intervals⁢ as needed
-⁤ Thorough ⁤coverage and wetting⁢ needed for optimum foliar spray results
-⁢ Do⁤ not apply to foliage when plants are suffering from moisture or ⁤heat stress


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