Monterey Garden Phos Fungicide: Root Rot, Mildew, Fire Blight



The Monterey Garden Phos Fungicide is a powerful solution for combating root rot,⁤ mildew, and fire blight in plants. It contains phosphorous acid as the‍ active ingredient and is⁤ formulated to protect plants from fungal diseases while promoting overall plant health.

Key Features:

-⁣ Comprehensive fungicide ⁢designed to prevent a variety of diseases
-⁣ Safe⁢ to use on Ornamentals,⁣ Trees, ⁤Vegetables, Fruits, and Bedding plants
– Long-lasting with application‍ schedule ‍depending on​ plant type
– Easy‌ to use concentrate‌ that should be applied ‌with a sprayer


– Package Dimensions: 6.81 x 3.5 x 1.97 ‌inches; ‌1 ⁣pound
– Date First Available: April 22, 2024
– Manufacturer: Monterey
– Country of Origin: USA


– Apply​ Garden⁤ Phos in​ 2-week⁤ intervals with ‌no more than 6 ⁣applications in a single season
– Mix with water in​ a sprayer ​according to label instructions
– Suitable for use in gardens, yards, and other ⁢outdoor spaces for disease control in plants


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