Monterey Liqui-Cop Copper Fungicidal Garden Spray (32 oz.)

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The Monterey ⁢Liqui-Cop Copper Fungicidal Garden Spray is a 32 oz. solution designed to combat fungal diseases in plants. It contains ‌copper octanoate as⁤ its ⁣active ingredient, offering‍ broad-spectrum ⁢control for⁢ various ⁤crops and ornamental plants. This⁢ spray is easy ‌to apply‍ and provides long-lasting protection against common⁣ plant pathogens.

– Brand: Monterey Lawn & Garden
– Key Features: ⁤Disease control, complete protection, long-lasting coverage, prevents infection
– ⁤Specifications: Fungicide for​ plant diseases, ‍suitable for fruit​ trees, nut crops, citrus, vegetables,‌ and ornamentals
– Usage: Preventative⁤ treatment for a wide variety‍ of plant diseases, ready to ‍spray with attached hose-end sprayer


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