Monterey Liqui-Cop – Copper Fungicide for Citrus & Fruit Trees



The Monterey Liqui-Cop ‌is a copper fungicide designed for use on citrus and ⁣fruit trees. It helps prevent and ⁣treat diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, and black⁤ spot. ‍This product contains⁣ 8% ⁢copper diammonia‌ diacetate complex and comes in a liquid formula for easy application.

Key Features:

– Designed to prevent ⁢a wide ‍variety of plant diseases
– Perfect​ for use ​on fruit⁤ trees, nut crops, vegetables, and ornamentals
– Long-lasting coverage that is rain-fast
– Prevents infection by covering plant surfaces
– Easy-to-use concentrate that must be ‍mixed with water ⁤and applied as a ⁣spray


– Package Dimensions: 8.31 x 4.45 x⁢ 2.48 inches;​ 2.54 ‍Pounds
– Item model number: GL61100047999
– Date ⁤First ⁤Available: March 26, 2024
-⁣ Manufacturer: ‌Monterey
– Country of‌ Origin: USA


– Apply to a wide variety of plants to prevent diseases
– Mix with water⁣ and apply as a spray for easy application
– Follow label instructions‌ for rates and mixing guidelines


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