Monterey Organic Biofungicide for Plant Disease Control – 1 Gallon



The Monterey Organic Biofungicide is‍ a 1-gallon solution ‍for plant disease control. Made with organic ingredients, it effectively treats and prevents⁤ fungal diseases‌ on plants. With a fast-acting formula, this biofungicide is safe for use on fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals.

Key Features:

– Organic disease control for plants
– Colonizes root hairs to prevent establishment of disease-causing fungi and bacteria
– Easy to use, must be mixed with water and applied as a spray or ‍drench
– OMRI Listed for ⁤Organic Gardening
– Can be used on vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamental trees, shrubs, houseplants, and more


– Brand: Monterey Lawn & Garden
– Usage: ‌Disease control for plants
– Type: Liquid concentrate
– Size: Not specified
– ‍Application:​ Spray or drench
– Certification: OMRI Listed‌ for Organic Gardening


-‍ Mix with water and apply as a spray to fruit and foliage, ​or‍ as a drench to plant roots
– Suitable for use on ​a variety of plants including vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamental trees, shrubs, and houseplants


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